Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Juice Cleanse Day 3

Hi Everyone

I wanted to review my last day on the cleanse.  By the end of the day I really wanted a burger. :D  The juices tasted really good but I thought I wanted a big burger. So  I went and had one for dinner.  What I noticed was that during the juice cleanse I had mental clarity and tons of energy.  Once I ate that burger, I was tired and felt mentally fuzzy headed.  I realized that juice did more for me once I ate that burger.

The company Pressed Juicery has a subscription service that I went and tried.  I receive my juices tomorrow.  There will be twelve bottles of juices of my choice.  I can order another 12 this month for a total of 24 each month (They have other subscriptions).   I think juicing is the way to go.  I have purchased these to get me started until I can figure out how to juice on my own.

I purchased Joe Cross Reboot recipe books to help me.  The people who have followed his reboot have had tremendous success and based on only three days, I can see why.  My biggest challenge will be giving up the coffee.  From what I read, coffee is very acidic which promotes weight gain. So, its best that I give it up.  To avoid the headache I am going to switch to green tea and detox over this coming weekend.

Well that is all for today. 

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