Friday, October 17, 2014

Juicing Day 2

Hello Everyone

Yesterday was day 2 of my 3 day juicing.  It went really well.  I noticed that I got used to the juices on the second day and found that I wasn't as hungry.  I have two favorite juices which come in the Cleanse Option 1.  They are the almond milk juices.  One is the Vanilla flavored and the other is the Chocolate flavored.  Surprising, being a chocolate fan, I really liked the vanilla better.

The vanilla has dates, vanilla beans and sea salt which when over ice makes like a milk shake.  It was a filling choice for breakfast.  The second almond milk, the chocolate was used as a snack in the evening.

One thing I noticed is its easier to do the juices on a warm day.  I found that I was chilly at the end of the juicing day.

Well, on for day three!

Thanks so much


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